The Eco Campaign

Remember: you have a manual and videotutorial here.

The initial Early Release of “Elva the Eco Dragon” includes a campaign with initially four areas or scenarios. These four scenarios will be included in the game from day one, and new ones are being developed. The scenarios are:


Area: Beach and Sun.


Beach and Sun is the first scenario you’ll find. Basically with the 3 initial levels you’ll have to deal with debris. The big ones will go into a transport (ship, airplane, zeppelin) and the small debris will have to be recycled by you at the correct recycling depot.

Area: Snow Mountain.


Snow Mountain is a cold and windy place. Levels 4 to 6 will include more challenges, like planting trees to create forest that will get you paper and allow the animals to appear. You’ll also have to deal with the problems of level 1 to 3.

Area: Ancient Valley.


An old village with wood constructions and a quiet place that needs your cleaning work. And levels 7 to 9 will include helping people change their plastic bags for paper bags, but first you’ll have to plant trees in order to get the paper.

Area: City Cleaning.


We all know that cities are places that need to be cleaned constantly and with many resources. They’re also a place where diseases are everywhere. Levels 10 to 12 will need you to find bacteria and viruses to be cleaned, and also you’ll have to clean smoke from the aire so people can breathe with no consequences.

Clean the virus.

Active after the 4th level. Just clean the virus spreading everywhere. Try to clean those virus in the shortest time.

Random Crazy area.

When an area has been won you can play it again with the campaign menu. But if you click here, a random area will be loaded with new hidden surprises, and everything will be really fast. Take your medicine before playing.

Incoming areas.


Area: Clean the seas (WIP).

This area will arrive some time later after the release at no cost. Clean the seas and help wild fauna to be free.

Area: Debris orbit (WIP).

This area will arrive some time later after the release at no cost. The space is full of debris. Go with Elva to the space and clear the space of debris. The International Space Station will be grateful.

Area: Clean the Moon (WIP).

This area will arrive some time later after the release at no cost. The Moon has been colonized. And, as usual, many debris is everywhere. Take your rocket to the Moon and clean our satellite.